Blends Kickin’ Chicken Finger Lickin’ Spice Blend



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1. Too salty or tasteless, a pinch of the gourmet collection’s Kickin’ Chicken Spice Blend with rich, authentic flavor and much lower salt content.
2. LOW-QUALITY CONTAINERS that run out quickly & DON’T PRESERVE your chicken grill rub, our large, PREMIUM GLASS containers & AIRTIGHT seals maintain LONG-LASTING FRESHNESS & contain 156 Servings.
3. Low-quality cooking spices & seasonings are filled with 60+ percent salt. We formulate Gourmet Collection spices with ten to thirty percent salt, so you get FRESH, DELICIOUS FLAVOR with a FRACTION OF THE SALT.
4. our Gourmet Collection Spice Blends feature high-quality herbs & spices collected from AROUND THE WORLD, resulting in a wide range of carefully tested flavors & EXOTIC TASTES TO TRY.






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